There is one singular thing bad about Xenoblade Chronicles.

Once you’ve played that game, every other pales in comparison.

Xenoblade is so spectacular and awe-inspiring that nothing can even come close, and now I find myself playing games I used to idolize that I’m sighing at and putting away. So I try something new, I’m watching these LPs, download some things, borrow a console… Nothing captivates me anymore. I can’t get sucked in like I used to and it bothers me immensely. I can’t just pick up a game and get lost in what i’m doing until I disappear from my room and I’m inside the game as the character where time and space is meaningless.

And Its hard because everyone aspires to one day find that game that wholly appeals to them in every way and becomes their favorite and best game of all time. You don’t want it to have not happened, but then you’ve reached the top. The end game. The final boss. And when you’ve beaten it its like your gaming career is over.

No matter what I do, I’m still sitting in my room and feeling the time sliding by as the controller sits in my hands and I contemplate tomorrow’s chores and shopping list, a game on the screen that I can’t bring myself to play.


Go there. Its fascinating.

Scams - Astromenda

I should have learned from my mistakes after I broke my computer last year after downloading some unknown malicious software, but old habits die hard.

Its not so bad to download this video editing software to finish a school project. Or to download this really cool game your friends have been telling you about. Well, you have to download PAKs and the server and the host program to play it but that’s ok right?

Oh that’s cool, extra programs came along with it so you could make your own games!

And that new MMO looks terrible let’s try it out to see just how bad it is.

And it just keeps going until suddenly you open up Firefox and see Astromenda search as your new homepage and your default search engine is yahoo. I’ve never heard of Astromenda before this but let me tell you its bad news. A Trogin horse, as the internet says.

How to get rid of it? Well first clean up your desktop. Its not really necessary but since you’re going to clean up your computer you better just get it over with. Then go to your start menu and click the search bar for ‘uninstall a program’ or just do that from your control panel. Uninstall everything you don’t use or think might be a virus. Then download Norton Power Eraser (which fixes viruses and spyware) and run it. Choose the scan option and when its done fix all potential problems. Go into Firefox and Astromenda will still be there. That’s because you need to reset your browser to its default state now that the program is off your computer. There’s a list of steps with pictures here: 

Because you technically were just on their page a second ago when you opened your browser, I’d like to think there’s still the threat that the page was still attacking you up to that point. To get rid of any further possible danger to your computer, install and run Malwarebytes (choose the first option, which is free), which will run a scan and fix potential malware or adware. Also, you may notice that the Norton Power Eraser only does viruses and spyware. Both programs combined should really do the trick.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy surfing cyberspace more safely!

All of the programs are linked on this page so that you can get what you need all in one place, the first time around, and there’s no potential you’d download a fake virus remover that pretended to be these programs.


I long long time ago I wanted to make my own website to blog about things. Tumblr wasn’t really that big at the time and the idea of having my own webpage was really exiting. So I did my research. Apparently, you need a web hosting service, which you pay a monthly fee to. Being very young, a long-term money-sucking investment did not appeal to me since I had no income of my own and no doubt my parents would have nothing to do with it. More research. More ‘cheep deals’. More anticipation for when I could finally call that URL my own.

And then something came to me. This little thought that maybe I should look at the other side of the story.

So many review sites have said things like “_______ has all of your web hosting needs- 5 stars” and paragraphs about good customer service for every single company. Am I to believe that every company is as good as the other? Was I to think that no matter my choice, I would get a good deal and no potential backlash of bad decisions? No!  the real place to go if you’re interested in making a website.


Honestly there’s been enough of these on the internet. Isn’t it time to make them stop?

Writing Research - World War Two


World War II (WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war. It is generally considered to have lasted from 1939 to 1945, although some conflicts in Asia that are commonly viewed as becoming part of the world war had begun earlier than 1939….